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Board Officers

The officers of the board are board members chosen to perform specific duties necessary to having a well-functioning neighborhood council.

The specific officers for an NC board are listed in article VI of the NC bylaws.

While all of the officers are important, the minimum officers essential for conducting business are the presiding officer, (usually called president or chairperson), and the secretary.1

The method for choosing officers is described in article VI section 3 of the neighborhood council bylaws. In most cases, or if the bylaws do not specify, the officers are chosen by a majority vote of the board.2

When a majority vote is required, it is not sufficient to receive more votes than anyone else. If no one receives more than half of the votes cast, then no one is elected. The board would need to deliberate and then vote again.

  1. “The minimum essential officers for the conduct of business in a deliberative assembly are a presiding officer who conducts the meeting and sees that the rules are observed, and a secretary or clerk who makes a written record of what is done — usually called ‘the minutes.’” RONR (12th ed.) 3:6 

  2. The process is described in Robert’s Rules of Order §46.