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Agenda Items

Agenda items are the things that the board or committee may discuss or take action on. In order to comply with the Brown Act, a neighborhood council board or committee can only discuss or act on things that are on the agenda for that meeting.

An agenda item should have a title for easy reference. If necessary, it should also include a brief description of the item.

The agenda item should contain enough information for the public to know what is going to be discussed, but it should not try to incorporate all of the details.

The description, if included, should be as short as possible. Long descriptions obscure key information. The Brown Act states that a “brief general description of an item generally need not exceed 20 words.”1

Because call to order, taking roll, general public comment, approval of the minutes, and adjournment happen at every meeting, they should be listed as items on the agenda of every meeting.

  1. Cal. Gov. Code §54954.2