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Agenda Items

At a neighborhood council meeting the board or committee that is meeting can only discuss or act on things that are added to the agenda. So let’s see how we use NCMS to add things to a neighborhood council meeting agenda.

Here we are at the Lake Wobegone Party Committee Regular Meeting page for the July 3rd meeting. And we can see the agenda here, it’s got several of our pretty standard, default items on it.

We’re going to add a new item that we want the committee to discuss.

Click the New Agenda Item button.

We can add an item number. If we don’t one will be assigned automatically but you like using Roman numerals or something like that it can be added here.

Every agenda item needs a title. In this case it’s going to be “Approve funding up to $10,00 for NCMS.”

We can add a description. Descriptions are useful if the title is not self-explanatory. I think this title is self-explanatory, we’ll leave it out.

Anticipated motion: We can anticipate the motion will be “Approve funding up to $10,000 for NCMS.” And we’ll create that agenda item.

And here we see it’s been added to the agenda. It’s been added after adjournment so lets fix that with the little up arrow. And there is is, “Approve funding up to $10,000 for NCMS.”

And that’s how you add an agenda item to your neighborhood council agenda using NCMS.