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Call to Order

When taking minutes for a neighborhood council meeting, the first thing you want to record is what time did the meeting start? The board of neighborhood commissioners policy requires this as does probably make sure procedure.

A meeting starts when it’s called to order. That’s when the presiding officer simply announces, “This meeting will come to order” or something of that form. So we want to record that with NCMS.

To do so, use the call to order button. Click “Call to order” to bring up this form. WIth the form you record the time, it’s 4:58 right now, and who is presiding. In this case, we’ll say Jason Mendoza is presiding and record the call to order.

And there it is: “[4:58] Meeting called to order. Jason Mendoza presiding.”

Now, if you made a mistake here, there’s a little edit button. So you click edit and you go, actually, no, it was called to order three minutes ago at 4:55. And it wasn’t Jason presiding, it was Chidi. So we change that and update the call to order.

Now the minutes are correct. They say “[4:55] Meeting called to order. Chidi Anagonye presiding.”

And that’s how you record the start time of meeting, aka the call to order, using NCMS.