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Agenda PDFs

After you’ve created your neighborhood council meeting agenda, you’re going to want to distribute it. You’re going to want to send it to the Early Notification System, post it on the website, and print it out to post it in a physical location. For all these things you’ll need a PDF file.

Here’s how to use the Neighborhood Council Management System to create PDF files of your meeting agendas.

Here we are at the page for the Lake Wobegone Party Committee July 3rd meeting. You can see we’re looking at the agenda.

Over here, where it says agenda PDF there are two buttons, one to download a PDF that will download a directly to your file to your computer and the other to view it here in the browser. When you click that button and we can see what the PDF looks like.

It has all the information about the committee, the meeting, all the meeting agenda items, and also the public notices that are required to be included in neighborhood council agendas.

And that’s how to use NCMS to create neighborhood council agenda PDFs.