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Once you have recorded the motion, like everything else in the Neighborhood Council Management System, it is editable. We can use this little edit icon here, and say no, she didn’t actually say annual or maybe we change the agenda item, or maybe, maybe it was actually somebody else that moved. It doesn’t matter. We can update the main motion like that.

Eventually you’ll get to the point where it’s time to vote on the motion.

That’s what this table is here for, to record the votes. You can say Tahnee said yes. Chidi abstained. (He couldn’t make up his mind.) Janet said yes. Eleanor is absent; we’ll mark her absent.

Some motions tend to go really fast. If everybody just agrees, they all say “yea, let’s move on.” You can record those quickly with the remaining members buttons. Just like that we have four yeses, zero nos, one abstention, one absent, and we can record that the motion passed.

Now we have a completed main motion with the votes. We go back to the minutes and we can see they’re recorded in the minutes.