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Default Agenda Items

When creating a neighborhood council agenda, there are certain items that should always be included.

In order to make that easy, when using NCMS, you can add those as default agenda items. Then every time you create a meeting, those items will automatically be added to the agenda.

Let’s see how to do that.

Here we are at the Lake Woebegone Party Committee page. We can scroll down to default agenda items and click “Add a default agenda item.”

This one is going to be called to order cause that’s the thing that happens at every on every agenda should be the first item on the agenda.

Description: It doesn’t need a description, “call to order” is pretty self-explanatory.

Anticipated motion: We don’t anticipate a motion coming out of this agenda item. So we’ll leave that blank.

There we go. Create default agenda item and there it is. Heading is call to order, no description or anticipated motion.

If there’s more than one default agenda item, you can use these buttons to reorder them so the default agenda items appear in a different order.

We can also go back and edit it, for instance, if we decide we want to use sentence case instead of title case. That’s changed.

Now when we create a new meeting– let’s create a meeting for July 3rd. We can see that it already has that new agenda item call to order because that’s one of our default agenda items.

And that’s how we create default agenda items using NCMS.