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Main Motions

When taking neighborhood council minutes, the most important thing to include in the minutes is what the board or committee actually did. BONC policy requires recording every item taken up for consideration at the meeting. So let’s talk about how to do that with NCMS.

In order to take an item up for consideration, someone needs to make a motion. We use the main motion button to record that. That brings up a forum where we can put in the agenda item, the text of the motion, who moved it, and also what time it was moved at.

The agenda item and text of the motion can be kind of a pain to type. They can be long, complicated, and sometimes things go fast, especially things that are routine like minutes approvals or MER approvals.

For those, if you put them in the agenda as anticipated motions, we can go to our anticipated motions and automatically choose which one of these motions that we thought was going happen was actually made.

We’ll choose funding for NCMS. We’ll create that motion, agenda item eight, “Approve funding up to $10,000 for use of Neighborhood Council Management System.”

We can edited if we want maybe that was the actual motion that was made. And we say who made the motion, Eleanor, she’s top of the list. And then we create the main motion. And now we have a motion on the floor that the board or committee is considering, and we can go on from there.

And that’s how we record a main motion being made or an item being taken up at a neighborhood council meeting.