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Other Actions

Within the Neighborhood Council Management System, there are specific features for all of the items that are required to be in the neighborhood council minutes. But sometimes you need to add something else to the minutes. This can happen if the assembly (the board or committee) orders it to be included in the minutes, or if it needs to be part of the neighborhood council’s official records.

For those things, we use the “Other Action” feature. That’s this button right here, “Other action.” And then we can put in what the action is.

For example, “Michael Realman resigned as architect.” That happened at 12:07. So it create the meeting action. And there it is, it shows up in the minutes, right there at 12:07, “Michael Realman resigned as architect.”

Of course, like everything else in NCMS, you can edit it with the little edit button. He actually resigned a while ago, this is when he announced his resignation. There we go. I’ll update the meeting action. And now it’s there in the minutes.

This is good for anytime you need to add something that isn’t specifically accounted for by the Neighborhood Council Management System.