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Arrivals and Departures

In addition to recording who was present when the meeting began with the roll call, the minutes should also note if any board or committee members leave before the meeting is adjourned or arrive after the meeting has been called to order. For that, we use the “Arrival” and “Departure” buttons.

For instance, say Jason has arrived after not being present beginning. We click new arrival, pick his name, Jason Mendoza, and say he arrived at 5:19.

It’s similar, with departures. Click the departure button, and we’ll say, Elenor Shelstrop left the meeting at 5:15. Then both of these are recorded in the minutes.

And like everything else in NCMS, if you make a mistake or decide or discover something needs to change, there is a little edit icons and it can say, this was recorded at 5:19, but it actually happened at 5:15. And so we’ll update the arrival. And now the minutes correctly show that Jason left at 5:15.

That’s how you record arrivals and departures during a meeting using NCMS.