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Post the Agenda on the Web

In the twenty-first century, one of the best ways to communicate with the general public is through a website. If your neighborhood council has a website, (and it should), you should post your committee agendas there.

BONC policy1 requires that all committee agendas are posted on the NC website, or a page made available at EmpowerLA, and that the postings are “Brown Act time compliant,” meaning 72 hours in advance for regular meetings and 24 hours in advance for special meetings.

If your NC does not have a website, contact your Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate at the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and they will make a page available to your NC on the EmpowerLA website.

  1. “Neighborhood Councils shall post agendas of all Board and Committee meetings on their web site or, on a page made available to them on the EmpowerLA web site. Such postings shall be Brown Act time compliant.” Los Angeles, CA, Board of Neighborhood Commissioners, Policy No. 2014-01.1